Earned Revenue Access for your business

Zero fees or interest

Access. Anytime. Anywhere.

Receive Dashboard

Connect your sales platform to quickly access revenue



Share a few business details, link your receivables and bank account.



Receive analyzes sales revenue and provides you with spending power.



Use your Receive Business Mastercard® to fund your business growth.

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Why Receive?

The Receive Business Mastercard® improves cash flow by providing access to funds before they arrive.

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Access anytime

Receive analyzes sales data to provide dynamic spending power based on your business activity.

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No fees or interest

With no fees, interest, or penalties, it’s never been easier to scale your business.

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Fund your business growth

From replenishing inventory to launching campaigns, Receive will be your go-to business card.

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Customized to your business

Use your Receive card to access spending power in real-time.


How are we received ?

“I have used many different credit cards and financial tools while growing the Scent Lab over the past year. I can say none have been like Receive. Receive has been the best partner for us - truly a game-changer for our growing e-commerce business. By accessing our sales early, Receive has helped us keep up with our demand. Plus, the team has been super responsive and really great to work with.”


Scent Lab

"Thanks to Receive, I purchased more inventory and ad space, increasing my bottom line by almost 30%! Every Amazon seller needs Receive!"


Amazon Seller

"They were a game-changer! When I maxed out my credit cards and had to wait for Amazon to release my funds, Receive came to the rescue. With their help, I’ve doubled in size and gained more spending power, all for free!"


Amazon Seller

"Receive gave me spending power, and it didn’t cost me a dime. The Receive team is not only exceptionally professional but also impressively responsive. I wholeheartedly recommend Receive to anyone looking to grow their business."


General Contractor

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Apply in minutes

Connect your sales platform and bank account, share a few business details, and you’re good to go!

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Manage spending

View spending power, transactions, and sales in your Receive dashboard.

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No interest or fees

With Receive there are no hidden fees or tricks. Utilize Receive’s spending power with zero impact on your credit score.

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